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SEO Specialist is a leading SEO company in London,we are a small subsidiary of the Digital Next Group. Our SEO services are multilingual, with focus on English, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish SEO. If you need SEO consultancy services, link building advice or general help with your website, our search engine optimisation specialists will be glad to help.

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The Evolution of Search Engine Optimisation

The evolution of local search engine optimisation services started a few years ago. After years of using vague search phrases people started to evolve and use more specific keywords. Especially location related keywords started to be very common among Google, …

SEO Specialist Launches Interviews with European SEO Experts

Most people like reading interviews with experts in their niche. That’s why SEO Specialist decided to launch a new website dedicated to weekly interviews. Every Sunday for at least one year, we’re interviewing top notch European search engine experts from …

Google Applies for 101 gTLD’s: Full List & Guide

Nobody knows and understands potential values of domain extensions as well as Google. After years of domain statistics from Adwords, Chrome, Google Analytics and log files from their own search engine. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they allied for 101 …

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Latest SEO Blog News

How to Cope with the Big Change in UK: New Domains

Tomorrow, United Kingdom gets a new domain extension. Many businesses and individuals are still not aware of the huge change, but luckily they have up to half a decade to decide. Are you eligible? Do a .UK rights lookup here. …

Yahoo Local + Yelp = True

Yahoo Local seems to be following Google Places, but with an external partner instead and a few years later. Did it really have to take that long to find an external local search review partner? Further, why select a partner …

Restaurant Menus in Google Search Results

Would you like to view the menu for a specific restaurant before visiting? Google just started showing live menus for many restaurants when doing a normal search in Google. SEO Specialist discuss and question how this started, the reasons for …

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Link Building News

Guest Blogging is Dead as a Link Building Method

Link building methods develop over time and SEO Specialist can now confirm that guest blogging is now a method of the past in at least 98 cases out of 100. Google recently penalized, one of the most reputable guest …

Paid Links: Clarification by Matt Cutts

Are you still in question about paid links? SEO Specialist wrote a guide about how to detect paid links a few years ago which still applies. Adding to the clarification of how Google see paid links can be found in …

Google Penguin 4.0 – Focused on Brand Love & Manipulative Links?

SEO Specialist’s first reflections of winners in Google Penguin 4.0 indicate that Eric Schmidt’s old brand love saying is coming through, while untrusted and manipulative links on low quality domains are hit harder than others. Are your website or niche …

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