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5 Reason Why Local Businesses Need Google Business Photos

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Local search is quickly becoming increasingly important in order get, maintain and increase search engine traffic. One of the latest and most interesting improvements to local search in Google include virtual tours inside businesses, using street view technology. The search giant call it Google Business Photos and it might be shown when searching for a business name, a sector and location or any other local search in Google.co.uk, Google Maps and Google Plus local. Continue below to learn more and how it can benefit your business.

Why do local search matter?

A large amount of users type in commercial queries when they look for local businesses. If a user live in London and want to visit a restaurant or florist, they need to include ‘London’ in the search query to get local results. Alternatively, they might include the specific area within London or simply type ‘North London’ or ‘South London’ together with the product or service they need.

All registered businesses get a default listing on Google Plus Local. Before you claim the listing and receive a confirmation letter from Google, those pages look rather boring. No photos, no description and usually no link to the official website. However, if you claim the listing then all that can be included.

Visitors can also review your services and write comments about their experience. Before claiming ownership, you cannot complain about inaccurate reviews on Google Plus. Considering how often your Google plus listing are shown to surfers, it’s high time to take ownership and improve your own page. Next step is to make your premises look good and showcase it with help of a Google Business photographer. Here are a few reasons why you should care about it.

Top 5 reasons to use Google Business photos

A virtual 360° tour can bring your business to life. All is done with Google’s highly popular and frequently used Street View technology. Google use local business photographers and put them into extensive theoretical and practical training. They must offer a fair price to local businesses – usually between £200-600. Here are the main reasons why you should care about Google business photography and consider to add a tour to your own shop:
how to make a business stand out

1. Stand out

It’s all a matter of standing out from the crowd. This is done with help of an image saying ‘See inside’ instead of or in addition to the normal ‘Street view’. People who never been to your premises will obviously be over the moon to check it out and your business will grab attention like never before. What most search engine optimisers already know, increased click through rate often leads to positive outcome; more traffic and often a more prominent listing.

2. Engage

The first step is to lure in your customers, followed by making them engaged. With Google Business Photos, you can create a truly unique customer experience for visitors. By clicking on the arrows inside the Google business photos, your customers can engage, explore, interact and walk around your premises, discover every little corner. Potential customers will be able to truly experience your business – just like being there! If your competitors don’t have it, your recent visitor are more likely to visit a place ‘they know’ (clue: your business) from seeing through a virtual tour on Google.

3. Influence prospective buyers

Are you ready to attract new online customers? Google Business Photos helps influence prospective buyers to leave their computers and come and pay your shop a visit!

4. Be found around Google properties

If you don’t have a website, Google business photos can really help. By adding a virtual tour your own page will be almost as good as a custom made website. We all know that Google try to showcase what people want to see and this is certainly one thing that many users are going to use. You can therefore expect Google to show the inside of local businesses even more in the future; far beyond the exact match of your business names. The inside of your premises are likely to be shown in Google, Google Maps and Google+ Local especially for [keywords Location] such as [florist London]. If you showcase the inside view, your traffic is very likely to increase.

5. Embed 360° photos on your site

You can easily embed your 360-degree photos on your own website, social media pages and more. Embedding can be done either as an overview or you can showcase specific locations within the business. With other words, your options are endless.

Want to know more?

Ready to take advantage of the virtual tours? Contact a Google business photographer today. UPDATE: Markus Jalmerot from SEO Specialist used to be a fully certified Google business photographer, but he decided to step down from this task in the beginning of 2014. Contact us today to learn about Google business photos or read 20 more reasons to showcase your business on Google at 360 Photographer Limited.

Want to see examples? You can search for various type of businesses at insidestreetview.com or go to the official site for UK.

For availability of business photographers in other countries, simply change the domain extension (.co.uk) on the link above to your own country code (such as .se, .it or .es).

Note: Google business photography services are currently only available in a few countries.

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