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Bing Release Brief Webmaster Guidelines

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Bing has now released their short and concise version of Bing Webmaster Guidelines. The content reveal some of the most important factors to consider when you should improve your ranking.

What do Bing care about?

Bing mention 7 different topics they put emphasis on for ranking purpose.

1. Content

Bing recommend users to provide clear, deep, easy to find content. Also make sure to have up-to-date content and try to provide relevant news topics about your niche. Websites with thin content are not likely to be ranking well in Microsoft’s search engine.

2. Links

Relevant links help Bing to find new content and establish trust between websites. They also warn webmaster using dodgy link building techniques which lead to negative consequences.

3. Social

Being a shareholder and partner with Facebook, Bing might have access to decent data from their partner. They also have a close partnership with Twitter, at least closer than Google. Bing’s webmaster
guidelines mention that social signals ‘can have an impact on how you rank organically in the long run’.

4. Indexation

Being indexed is the first step to developing traffic from Bing. You can easily follow how Bingbot follow and index your content. If something is missing, you can submit new pages to be included with help of Bing webmaster tools.

5. Technical

Technical factors such as Page load time, canonical tags and redirects can impact your website’s ranking in the second most used search engine.

6. On-page SEO

Similar to Google, Bing suggest you spend time on creating relevant website titles, write descriptive meta descriptions, use clear ALT-tags, set relevant headlines and use internal linking and external links when appropriate. They also suggest having a XML-sitemap and uploading the sitemap to Bing webmaster tools. Discover more on-page factors in our SEO guide.

7. What to avoid in Bing?

There are also quite a few things you shouldn’t do according to Bing’s webmaster guidelines, such as cloaking, link schemes and link farms, social media schemes, certain types of redirects and
duplicate content. Find out methods search engines and webmasters can use to find bought links.

Want to know more about Bing webmaster Guidelines? Check out the official document or the more detailed description about in PDF format.

Finally, read our SEO guide if you haven’t done that already..

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