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Christmas Search Trends: Top 10 Keywords 2012

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Weeks before Christmas, people visit search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo more than usual to learn about various potential Christmas gifts. This important season for retail shops and eCommerce businesses can be even more successful if you know what people search for and optimise for that content accordingly.

But what are people searching for in December 2012 and what are the current trends according to Bing and Yahoo? SEO Specialist give some suggestions what parents might consider for Christmas this year according to how they search in Google the last week. (Yes, we know that many also do Christmas searches and shopping the last 2 weeks before Christmas Day).

Keeping track of current Christmas gift keyword trends

Google HotTrends allow users to embed the latest search trends in various markets, for various categories and time frames. Here are a few categories that might be of interest.

Top 10 General Keywords for Christmas

Top 10 Computer & Electronics related pre-Christmas Searches

For parents to guys age 8-16 years old, the following search trends in Google might be of interest:

Top 10 Computer & Electronics Searches in UK

Here are some trends for electronic related searches in UK only:

Top 10 Searches for Games in December 2012

Top 10 Beauty & Fitness related searches before Christmas

Girls might search for perfumes and other beauty products. Here are the latest trends in Google during the past 7 days:

Worldwide – shopping searches before Christmas 2012

Yahoo & Bing Christmas search trends

Unfortunately, Bing and Yahoo don’t show any weekly search trends like Google. Top searches for 2011 in Bing include Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy S, but Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and Apple iPhone 4s was top of the list. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if Samsung tablet and the new Samsung Note II make it to Bing’s popular gadget list for 2012.

Christmas searches prediction for 2012

Yes, Ipad Mini 16GB and 32GB will probably sell like ice-cream on a sunny beach. But is the 7″ inch iPad really a good Christmas gift? The resolution is not very impressive and the device still take up considerable space. With other words, big enough to not fit in your inner pocket. Even though iPhone5 hasn’t been as good as expected, the device is likely to keep some kids happy after Yahoo already revealed that the iPhone 5 is on Yahoo’s list of top searches for 2012. Perhaps the last Christmas Apple products will be on top of the list?

SEO Specialist suspect that a few Android phones and tablets are very likely to come up on the top trending Christmas searches, such as Samsung Galaxy Note II (love it!) and Samsung Galaxy S III. Most likely the Samsung tablets as well, since they are cheaper alternative to Ipad Minis and yet have similar functionality.

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