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Google Pays £650M for Office Space in Kings Cross

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The search engine giant have decided to move its London office space to one location; Kings Cross in North London. Google currently have two different offices in Holburn and Victoria. The new Google office seems to be an effort to link all staff in one location, with excellent communication to Paris and Brussels.

Kings Cross: From run down to trendy

King Cross in North London has long been seen as a run-down area and most property investors have stayed away from this area. “After World War II the area declined from being a poor but busy industrial and distribution services district to a partially abandoned post-industrial district. By the 1980s it was notorious for prostitution and drug abuse”, according to Wikipedia.

However, a major re-generation project and the opening of Eurostar have helped the site to become slightly more popular. Now when Google decided to buy land here, the area might soon become trendy.

New Kings Cross Office set for completion in 2016

Google bought the 2.4 acre site and plan to build a new 1 million-square-foot office space in King’s Cross. The building work will start later this year and include property developer Argent Group. A current estimate shows it will take until 2016 before the project is completed. The estimated cost for buying the land and develop the office space is around 650 million pounds according to a source with knowledge of the deal. However, other sources say it might be cost Google up to £1 billion.

Why did Google go for Kings Cross?

SEO Specialist expect that some of the most likely reasons that Google went for this location in London are:

• Affordable location compared to most other areas in London.
• Excellent communications to central Paris (2 hours and 15 min) and Brussels (1 hour and 51 min) by relatively environment friendly trains.
• King’s Cross is an up and coming area. At least a major regeneration project has been initiated and Google’s office will be next to the train station.
• Tax specialist Richard Murphy said “the decision to buy property rather than rent was likely tax motivated and driven by the fact the company cannot repatriate the cash to the U.S. without paying a fat tax bill”, according to Mercury News.
• Google is not driven by prime location; rather prime infrastructure. They will make King’s Cross hot simply by being there, driving other companies to consider King’s Cross.
• All staff in one location is obviously better from a strategic point of view.

“It’s good news for Google, for London and for the UK”, said Google’s Vice President for Northern and Central Europe, Matt Brittin, in a statement.

Update: More info at FT.com and

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