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Oreo, The Funniest TV Advert

Oreo Lick Race
The funniest tv advert right now comes from Oreo’s, the biscuit company. Their tv advertisment is not only funny, it also made me go and buy some Oreo’s to race with my family members. If you haven’t seen this hilarious advert, here it is:

Why do Oreo lick race rock?

  • Fun to watch
  • You get tempted to buy those biscuits.
  • Suitable for all age groups

How can Oreo improve SEO and website visibility?

When searching for ‘Oreo’, they simply don’t show up with their best domain, oreo.com. Instead, they redirect you to http://www.nabiscoworld.com/oreo/. I’d say it’s quite confusing and not very good for their brand. They should use their main product domain better. Further, there is several other domains, such as Twitter and their YouTube channel, ranking after Urban Dictionary and BBC. If you have such a big brand, you need to work harder to get your main domains showing in the top. Luckily, there is nothing bad written about them in the top 10 results. So it’s perhaps not a big problem that they are not found in top of the search results with all of their websites.

In Europe, they use oreo.eu. The whole site is built in flash, with almost no visible text for search engines. With other words, they are only likely to be seen for their main brand keywords. This is how search engine’s view their front page:

Oreo's .eu site

With other words, there is quite some room for SEO improvements. I’d cry myself to bed if my website looked like that. On the other hand, Oreo’s TV advert is the king of TV advertisements right now, so it partly compensates for their lack of SEO skills.

Want to join the competition? Pick the winning lick racer from a number of videos and enter the daily prize draw. You can win a Nintendo Wii or a Lick Race Kit. Check out www.oreolickrace.co.uk.

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