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31. Why Does Link Building Matter?

Learn why link building is one of the most important parts of your overall SEO strategy. Continue below to find out some myths and facts about backlinks.

Confused about link building

How come backlinks is so important?

There are many reasons why backlinks matters. Here is some:

  • Links is a clear voting mechanism: A link should only be given to websites deserving it.
  • Good sites will attract links: Over time, you will get inbound links if you write excellent content and engage in conversations around the web.
  • A signal of trust: Search engines consider links to be a signal of trust, activity and opinion. Therefore, you should make sure to get new links continuously.

Link building – a bit complicated?

Many webmasters find it more complicated and demanding to build backlinks compared to other parts of search engine optimisation. One of the first reasons people find it more troublesome might be that it’s not your own site you should change: rather it’s something about convincing others to link to you. You basically need to convince/persuade others that your website is good enough to refer to.

3 link building myths

  • No follow links gives no value: It can certainly be helpful to have a share of no follow links. Remember, links give traffic as well and no follow links can give just as much traffic as a normal backlink.
  • It’s all about high Pagerank links: Many webmasters still believe getting links from sites with high Pagerank is the only way to succeed. They’re wrong, you need links from sites with all kinds of page rankings. So go ahead and aim for relevant links instead.
  • Getting many links fast is dangerous: You will usually not be penalised for getting many backlinks quickly. Well, if you use automated link systems you will surely get into trouble, but not if you use legitimate methods.