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Social Media + SEO: Required or doesn’t matter?

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Discussions about social media and how many new customers it can generate have been a hot topic in the last months, especially on Twitter and various blogs. What’s not discussed is if social media presence and some activity is essential in order to be trusted by search engines? Can you even do successful SEO without being present with profiles in major social media channels today?

In major markets (UK + U.S.) where SEO Specialist has most of our clients, the trend seems clear. If you don’t have set-up accounts on major social channels you risk losing credibility. Having a Twitter and Facebook account seems almost like a requirement now in order get a desired effect with regards to search engine optimisation.

A Google+ business profile is obviously a bonus and something that surely will become more or less a necessity within 1 year. A reason why Google cannot rely on website without presence in social networks are that most successful sites are present there while most spammers don’t bother to set-up accounts in social media. Our SEO services usually include set-up and handling of at least a handful of social profiles. So yes, at SEO Specialist we believe it matters to be present in social media and suggest you create accounts in channels suitable for your business.

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