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Spend on SEO Increase While PPC Decline

seo vs ppc spend
The latest months have seen increasing spend on search engine optimisation, while paid search (PPC) continue to decline. If it’s seasonal change, behavioral or simply value for money in organic search remains to find out.

Many of our SEO customers find that mobile SEO and paid search on mobiles don’t give enough ROI, while traditional search engine optimisation gives the higher return on investment at the moment. SEO in combination with local search enhancement is what attracts most bricks and mortar businesses while PPC still is seen as a decent option among Internet businesses with a decent marketing budget. In around 2-3 weeks’ time, PPC will see a sharp increase in advertisers and while there are many buyers – the competition in Google is also higher than ever.

What do you prefer; SEO or PPC? Where will you put the majority of the marketing money?

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