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What’s Eric Schmidt Agenda in North Korea?

North Korean Flag
Google’s Eric Smith and Bill Richardson just arrived in Pyongyang, North Korea. Both arrives with an Air China flight The US State Department have criticized trip following missile tests from North Korea.

Below is a YouTube video clip from when Eric Smith and the former New Mexico Governor arrive in the country.

It seems like Mr Smith wants to keep a low profile, while frequent North Korea visitor Bill Richardson is more than happy to briefly discuss their agenda.

“This is a private, humanitarian mission. We are here as individual American citizens looking at the humitarian situation. We are going to ask about the American detainee who is here. We are interested in economic and the political situation. We are concerned about the missile launches and we are concerned about the importance of dialog”, says Mr Richardson.

When asked about any possible meeting with prisoner Kenneth Bae and the North Korean leader, Bill Richardson responds that they are going to try to see them. Google’s chariman Mr Schmidt, a spokesman for internet connectivity and openness, is expected to make a donation during the visit, according to Sky News. The full agenda of this trip is not revealed, but SEO Specialist is impressed by the initiative and courage among the high profile Americans. It would certainly be impressive if Eric Schmidt and Bill Richardson could get a fruitful dialogue with Kim Il-sung.

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