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Yahoo’s US Election 2012 Search Results Most Useful

Yahoo election logo
While Google often present very useful and interesting search results in connection with major events, this time Yahoo seems to have the upper hand. Yahoo is not only providing the latest news reports and images – they also have some very user friendly tools such as the latest poll data which you can embed into your website. Is it thanks to Marissa Mayer or are there any other reasons behind Yahoo’s latest move?

U.S. president poll for 2012

Here is the user friendly poll from Yahoo which is quick to embed:

Read more about the latest polls at Yahoo or go to Election control room for recent videos, signals and tweets.

Search results for ‘US Elections 2012′ according to Yahoo.co.uk right now:
Yahoo search results for US election 2012

Search results for ‘US Elections 201′ according to Google.co.uk right now:
Google search results election 2012

Where do you go to find the latest information about the US election 2012 and which candidate do you think will win, Obama or Romney?

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